Saturday, December 14, 2019

Meet Matt

Here I am with my friend Matt (who's with the Lord now, due to a stroke) ministering to Aboriginals at Kings Cross on the Summer of Missions we led in Sydney, Australia. We never thought they'd let us lead an outreach because of how we liked to fool around & have fun on base & looked for ways to skip intercession.

With Matt, what you saw is what you got. He loved the Lord but hated the politics & legalism of YWAM & spoke his mind.
Matt had his vices he never seemed to be able to overcome but through it all, loved Jesus.
I respected Matt, in spite of his struggles unlike leadership in YWAM who liked to come across as having it all together. Matt was transparent with me about his struggles & I with Matt.

Matt used to get excited about things & say, “This is REALLY livin'!”. I can just imagine Matt walking the streets of gold in heaven & shouting out, “This is REALLY livin'.”!

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