Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Photoshop "fun"!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,
My heart is grieving after recently spending some time in Ywam. I had heard about some of the extra-biblical practices but thought I could look past them. I'm not sure if you have heard about all the extra-biblical things that have grown in Ywam since you have left, but it seems quite sever now and I can't see how the organization can be effective for reaching the lost any longer. I recenlty finished a "creative" dts and I'm telling you, there is a lot of "getting a word" after 4 minutes of "prayer" and all this mystical stuff like "prophetic" painting, dominion theology, etc. Yet no one cracks open their Bibles! One week they were teaching everyone (YES, everyone!) to prophesy "because this is the place we can be safe to make mistakes"...WHAT??? I though the Bible warns against false it's something everyone can do and we just play with! I know you suffered much abuse, but now people can also suffer from lots of false teachings should they experience Ywam...but then again, maybe those who stay have drank the kool-aid. Sorry for all your pain and sure hope those days are past for you and complete healing can begin. For me, I feel so grieved in my spirit and it's mostly about the false teachings, the abuse is there too, but I refused to put myself under it, however, I also started having nightmares.
Thanks for listening!