Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trapped in YWAM

Many people in YWAM are not truly happy & want out. I was in YWAM for years calling out to God to deliver me from that place. I did not have any self-esteem left or think I could make it out in the real world. Finally, after 12 years, circumstances allowed me to leave. People are around leaders who constantly affirm people that they are fulfilling God's highest calling. If one wonders about the future, retirement etc., they are told to "just trust God". I believe in trusting God, but God also gives us our minds he expects us to use. Young people do not realize how 5-10 years of life will FLY by! Most in YWAM are doing nothing about retirement & health insurance. Most YWAMers have little to no savings & might even be in debt to YWAM for base fees, etc. If they are not much use to a base, they will tell them they have to leave to pay off their fees or get a part-time job to do it. If they do something on base that benefits the base such as accounting, they will just let what they owe accrue. If one plans to marry one day, how will a man support his wife & possible family in YWAM? Does he have any marketable skills in the real world to make a living? Most don't & they know if they go into the real world to look for work, they will not find a decent-paying job. As they get older, the fear of making it in the real world increases with lack of employable skills.

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