Friday, September 6, 2019

Free to be Me

 In YWAM, we are often guilt-ed into going long-term as missionaries to a far off country. We are led to believe that that is the highest calling in life & that we do not need an education or skill but just to "obey the Great Commission and GO!".
Those put up on the highest pedestal on base were those who were coming through on furlough from a place like India or Pakistan or even Japan. Those who felt called to be on base staff & do yard work or work in the kitchen were often overlooked as they did their job daily since it was not "spiritual".
We are all individuals & have our own giftings & callings which may or may not fit into YWAM's vision for the world. I remember feeling guilty because I did not think my gift of art was "spiritual" (even though I put together tracts, book covers, T-shirts & other printed materials on base).
I am FREE of that now. I know that when I sit & paint, I am using the gift God gave me & it doesn't need to be something with a religious theme! I am worshiping God when I go on my hikes & spend time in His creation. I am simply being me & that is all that is expected of me. How freeing it was when I realized I did not have to be an evangelist. I have always hated public speaking & hated when YWAM would try & force me to give my testimony at an open air (I never did).
How good it is to just love Jesus and not feel compelled to do something to gain his grace & love but just be me.

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