Friday, November 8, 2019

Spies in the Camp

It has been brought to my attention, once again that there are
SPIES in the Spiritual Abuse in YWAM group reporting to YWAM leaders what is being discussed in confidence. That should not scare any of the members as maybe it is the only way they will find out that they are being exposed and the damage they have done!

Having spies in this private, confidential group shows me what cowards they are. Of course I do not know who they are or I would ban them.

For me, I decided long ago that I do not care if what I say in here gets back to YWAM leaders. I know that may not be the same with others, but there is nothing to be afraid or feel ashamed of in exposing abuse & the abusers. We are bringing what was done in darkness into the light! Each time I do it, I feel more empowered.

We all heal at a different pace & it often takes YEARS. I know it has for me! When I confronted the former Honolulu base leader the other day at Safeway about abuse in YWAM it was something I would have NEVER done a few years ago out of fear. Fear of what? Fear that he could still somehow control & abuse me? I am no longer in YWAM. He can not do anything to me! He may not agree with what I shared, but I planted seeds that may one day bear fruit.

He is a weak, flawed human being just like all of us. Some people do not respect boundaries so come in & try and bully us, especially if we are meek & non-confrontational. I choose to take the power back & not allow the bullies to “put me in my place” out of fear.

We will go forward & tell our stories & share where the toxic bases are. The group will continue to grow and the news that YWAM is a controlling, abusive cult will continue to spread.

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